Daria Bignardi

Journalist and writer

In Media's Res

Between Latin and English possessive: classical culture and the present-day. This is the primal suggestion that immediately surfaced when I thought of a design that would define her. Her composure and the thousands of sharp questions that aim at the core. In this manner, not so much as with flowers and trimmings, but with pollen: the fertile one that expands, moves fast and free, reaches into unfamiliar areas and, sure enough, so many times reveals the unexpected, human faces of her guests.

Federico Longhi



One of the first friends to wear hand painted, personalised slippers at a time when the Dzoyé world was still taking shape. He would tell me about Rigoletto, about vocal range and tunes and, quite extraordinarily, he would always explain it in song. This was the marvel between us, long journeys together and his musical instrument always ready to make one understand, to elucidate the meaning of His chant. He wore the first black slipper on the set of the Verona Arena; the latest one, produced this August, who knows...

Marcella Pralormo

Director of the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli

Make Poise

Piercing, perceptive look, her words on art a wealth of expertise. This is how I imagined Make Poise: the hummingbird is one of the tiniest and lightest of birds, one of the most colourful. It can “stay in flight” with a precision and determination that are rare in nature: to reach its destination the rapid flutter of its wings guarantees it poise and steadiness. A true leader. In flight over the beauty and complexity of the art world.

Lorenzo Sommo

Lawyer, sole director of  Saint-Vincent Resort & Casinò

Legem Scio

In Latin: “I know the law”. Foro di Aosta lawyer, passionate about his work. In order to dedicate a Dzoyé footwear to him and for an austere personalization that would be more fitting with his masculinity, I used Latin, the language Lorenzo still uses daily. I chose an elegant chestnut brown suede with cream and powder blue colours.

Michil e Joe Costa

Owners of the Hotel La Perla di Corvara, Alta Badia

Sehr schön

It is the story of a Great Family and its passion for sophisticated, cultured tourism, informed, like a sample at “tastevin”, savoured slowly. This was my search engine when researching for their Dzoyé. Michil is Slow Movement, the bicycle, the courage to climb not just on alpine slopes, but also on the old traditional model, the one with the enormous front wheel. For Joe the old-fashioned daisies taken from the miniature decorations of the Aosta Valley code by Giorgio di Challant and from Tyrolean ornaments. It’s true we live in different corners of the Alps, but we’re close...

Stefano Passerotti

Courageous Gardener and landscape architect

Nature resolution

For me and for him ‘Nature Resolution’, the tale of our “garden-experience”, a temple of Nature which we took to the Singapore Garden Festival where we won the Golden Medal and the Best of Show 2016 award. The sun and the moon to retain the same style and the same pace, good luck instruments to launch my shows, just the way I always do. So it will be every time we’ll be in a contest, together.