Mont Blanc Cableway

Point of View

Since 2018, DZOYÉ collaborates with Skyway Monte Bianco, the innovative cableway system that climbs the Mont Blanc, reaching 3.466 meters high. DZOYÉ celebrates the breathtaking ascent with two creations. The Point of View foulard illustrates the historical excursus of Mont Blanc's climbings, focusing on the challenge set to ancient explorers: facing heights and glaciers with humble tools and reaching the top, the highest peak of Europe. Point of View exhorts to push one’s self to discover new horizons.

Rudy Zerbi

Radio and TV host

Forest Sentinel

I met radio and TV host Rudy during DZOYÉ’s collection unveiling at the Maserati Mountain Lounge in Courmayeur. His charismatic and spontaneous personality is iconic in Italian media. He is intrigued by a DZOYÉ illustration of a toucan, whose call is evidence of a pure environment. Forest Sentinel is the model I designed for Rudy, defined by a camouflage composition of a forest in the back. The camo foliage protects bright fluorescent tree trunks that send the signal: Pay attention, here is nature, here is life!


Fashion Designer 


In 2018 starts the collaboration with Lebanese fashion designer Aiisha, who wore DZOYÉ in the public appearance in conclusion of her PreFall 2018 collection. Inspired by the theme of a deep sky, DZOYÉ creates two footwear models: the Speed Universe combat boot and the Aiisha ankle boot, showing the magic and mysterious power of cosmos.


Fashion Designer 

Flow Dance

One year later, the second chapter of the partnership begins. Aiisha’s Resort 2019 collection, showed during Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, is a tribute to dance and sensuality. DZOYÉ translates it in a dynamic and fascinating composition, where dancers and mermaids move together between cherry blossoms, tropical nature and urban landscapes. Flow Dance is a dreamlike atmosphere full of brightness, the main pattern of the collection.

Marcella Pralormo

Director of the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli

Make Poise

Her keen, perceptive look and her deep knowledge of art inspire the creation of Make Poise. The main character is a hummingbird, one of the tiniest, lightest and most colorful birds in nature. It flies with determination and reaches its destinations with the rapid fluttering of its wings, a fluttering that guarantees composed and steady moves. It is the captain of a journey through the beauty and complexity of the art world.


Volunteer Association for Cardiopathics


‘Il Cuore ha le Sue Stagioni’ (The Heart Has Its Seasons) is a charity project in collaboration with Les Amis du Coeur du Val d’Aoste, the volunteer association supporting cardiopathic patients. In the foulard designed by DZOYÉ, the heart is the metaphor of Nature, where we all belong to. As a treasure chest, it discloses its biological and emotional phases, the four seasons. Everyone is sacred, essential for preserving its cyclic nature.

Daria Bignardi

Journalist and writer

In Media's Res

Between Latin and English possessive: classical culture and contemporaneity. This is the primal feeling I had whilst thinking about a design to define her. She has the ability to ask the right questions and go straight to the point, with boldness and composure. This is why I avoided aesthetically pure flowers and decorations, representing her through fertile pollen. Pollen which expands and moves fast and free, reaching unfamiliar places. It is indeed a trait of hers, revealing unexpected and sincere aspects of her interviewed guests.


Hotel & Spa - Cogne

Bellevue’s Nature

From the passion for tradition and the love for nature arises the twenty-year collaboration between Chicco Margaroli and Bellevue Hotel&Spa in Cogne, Aosta Valley. Emblem of authenticity and excellence in the international hospitality landscape, the hotel hosts different works of the artist, including DZOYÉ’s own footwear capsule collection. On a cherry red and autumn green color palette, the alpine nature is synthesized through emblematic elements: the Crocus Vernus flower, grassland animals and the tatà, the typical toy made in wood and moving on two weels.

Federico Longhi



A dear friend and one of the first people to wear hand-painted slippers when DZOYÉ was taking its first steps. He would tell me about Rigoletto, explaining tunes and vocal ranges. Quite extraordinarily, he would do so whilst singing. It is what defines our friendship. The long journeys together and his voice, ready to show the textures of his essence. He wore his first DZOYÉ when performing at the Verona Arena, and who knows on which famous stage the next ones will step on.

Michil e Joe Costa

Owners of the Hotel La Perla di Corvara, Alta Badia

Sehr schön

The history of a great family and the passion for refined cultural tourism. This is where the design for ‘Sehr Schön’ comes from. Michil is symbolized by a representation of his loved, ancient bicycle, with the large front wheel. Its slow movement reflects the meditative process he applies to every field he operates in, on a quest to reach excellence. To Joe I dedicate a special bouquet of daisies, taken from Giorgio di Challant’s illuminated script, adorned with Tyrollean ornaments. Despite living on opposite sides of the Alps, this mountainous chain naturally connects us.