The soque is the typical footwear from Aosta Valley; the smallest region in Northern Italy, between France and Switzerland, which offers breath-taking Alpine landscapes and is home to some of the highest mountain peaks in Europe.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the soque is the hand-crafted heritage from Aosta Valley's citizens. Originally made in leather and wood, the two most common materials in the region, the Alder wood was used for the sole, because of its lightness, softness and ease of cutting, isolating the foot from the ground to keep it dry even during humid and cold winters. The upper part was made in tanned leather, a very tough material which meant that the shoe was traditionally only wearable with thick socks.

According to tradition, the soque has always been treated like personal belongings. When the daily wear consumed the shoe, the sole was substituted whilst the upper part was reused as it had been perfectly shaped to the owner’s foot, becoming both personalised and extremely comfortable.

The DZOYÉ soque is a seasonless item, available asa basic model and ankle boot and styled in a wide range of colors, from the traditional to contemporary palette.

The lightness of the suede used in DZOYÉ's design allows the soque to be worn all year long, even with bare feet.

Respecting the traditional design and production processes, Chicco Margaroli enhances the value of the soque by proposing a new version of it.

The DZOYÉ soque introduces a suede upper part to the original wooden sole, to improve comfort and wearability. Every DZOYÉ is an entirely hand-crafted and hand-painted jewel to wear.