Why Dzoyé

In patois, the ancient dialect of Aosta Valley, DZOYÉ means to play but it is also the phonetic origin of the words jewel and joy.

The joy of one’s own work, the playful side of creating one-off artistic pieces and its result: unique, expressly customized jewels to wear, to be passed down to younger generations, as be fitting to family treasures.

DZOYÉ enhances the value of Made in Italy with a strong attention to sustainability through material choices and production processes.
Escaping from the vortex of fast fashion, DZOYÉ realizes creations upon request, to guarantee extremely high-quality customization.

All DZOYÉ items are elegantly hand-painted by artist Chicco Margaroli, with strong attention to details and colors.

Through the design, she interprets and expresses the customer’s passions, memories and dreams, turning DZOYÉ item into a unique personal charm.

Following the principle of customization, even the packaging is decorated with the leitmotif of the artwork it references, offering a full DZOYÉ experience to the customer.


At the heart of DZOYÉ is the soque, Aosta Valley’s medieval clog. Chicco Margaroli designs a new version of it, made in suede and wood.
Following her contemporary and creative taste, she transforms the s
oque in a wearable art piece. The soque is the first step of DZOYÉ’s artistic customization project, that now involves more product categories.