What Dzoyé means

DZOYÉ means “to play” in the patois of the Aosta Valley: the language of the heart, an ancient yet vibrant Franco-Provençal dialect which is still spoken today.
This is the name Chicco Margaroli, the versatile artist from Aosta, has chosen for her wearable art creations. These pieces are a tribute to her land from which the project has been brought to life and an expression of her very personal style and way of working. To play: the most creative, pure pursuit for a human being and the most naturally artistic. Synonymous with joy, happiness and passion.

DZOYÉ are the shoes that Chicco paints entirely by hand. Unique pieces elegantly decorated and created with amazing attention to detail and colour. The right shoe always different from the left, the front from the back, as is each sole. A revelation and exclusive emotion, a real privilege.

There is no DZOYÉ collection per se, but just unique creations that the artist produces on request, each of which telling its own story. Through her shoes Chicco interprets the memories, passions and dreams of those who wear them, such that they become a true expression of their personality and style. A delicate, creative and visual interpretation, which achieves an incredibly real quality.


At the heart of the project is the Aostan clog, the Soque. Part of the peasant farming tradition from of the Aosta Valley from medieval times and an essential element of the Made in Italy movement. The artist wanted to rediscover and enhance its use with a contemporary and original twist, such that it has now become a true art accessory. However, the artistic project is also developed for lots of different type of shoes, from flats to slippers and boots.