La soque

Just like a canvas, Chicco Margaroli paints the whole Soque completely by hand. Each shoe (not pair) is the result of a careful study of decorative eloquence by the artist: the right different from the left, the front from the back, even the wooden soles are different creating a unique, one-off artistic object, thanks to the refined quality of the painting style.

Her creative research is also expressed through more urban shoes, according to fashion trends, like flats, slippers and boots, but always consistent with the DZOYÉ identity and values: unique pieces, accurately hand painted and signed by the artist with great attention to personalisation, elegance and detail of the decoration.

In her atelier in the historic centre of Aosta, Chicco works the shoes with very fine paintbrushes and an exclusive blend of tempera and polymers which are waterproof and have extremely high tensile strength. Her methods are the result of a long and careful investigation into materials and into the characteristics of construction grade paint as well as those used in offset printing, a combination which guarantees the quality of the aesthetic appearance and durability for years to come. This technical research enables Chicco to restore or revitalise the artistic design if damaged or worn away through use, as the Soque will always follow its owner and their story.