The soque

Every soque is entirely hand-painted by artist Chicco Margaroli, who developed a new version of it introducing new materials. Her specific researches in style and contents make every DZOYÉ a unique piece. Each pair of soques has the right shoe always different from the left, the front from the back and even the wooden sole has its own decoration. The refined quality and painting accuracy turn every soque into a wearable one-off art piece signed by the artist.


Its non-stop creative process and attention to customer’s needs drive DZOYÉ to explore new horizons, expanding its pool of creations. Looking at fashion trends, the brand offers a collection of accessories and introduces urban models to its customizable footwear range. From flats to slippers, from décolletés to boots. Nonetheless, every creation is characterized by DZOYÉ’s values: overwhelming customization, deep attention to details and original refinement.

In her atelier in the historic centre of Aosta, Chicco Margaroli decorates every DZOYÉ with thin brushes and a waterproof blend of polymers, fixative and watercolors created by herself. This special compound guarantees high quality aesthetic, maximum durability and the opportunity to restore any decoration over time. This way every DZOYÉ is renewable and can be passed down to younger generations, as befitting to family treasures.